The Concept of “Wide Data” and How it Directly Applies to the Typical Investment Manager

“True insight lies at the intersection of different data sets.” Great article last week on networkworld discussing the concept of “Wide Data” as opposed to Big Data. What’s the difference?   Unlike “Big” Data, “Wide” Data applies to the typical organization that is more often concerned with tying together data from disparate sources, often a wide […]

Big Data:  Disruptive Technology?

While discovering new trading and investment opportunities and managing risk are some of the more lofty goals surrounding big data technology, there are much more practical applications for big data that truly relate to “conversations with clients.”

Big Data and the Cloud: What’s the Connection?

More and more financial firms are starting to look at using the cloud as a way to consolidate their technology infrastructures, data platforms and business intelligence tools. That is where the connection between big data and the cloud begins and where the future opportunity lies for financial firms.